The Top 24 Hour Online Pharmacies On the Web in France and In-Person 24 Hour Stores

List of Cities in France Where Online Pharmacies are Open

Most Pharmacies in France are going to be open around 24 hours, or 24/7, meaning just about all the time, for the sole purpose of aiding the elderly and other demographics of people who are taking prescription drugs (pharmacie garde) that may need to fill them at any and all hours of the day. To put this into perspective, imagine a user of an allergy medication or a cholesterol drug got off of work late and wasn’t able to get to the pharmacy until after the midnight hour, but still desperately needed the medication in order to function the next day. If the pharmacy was not open literally all the time, this would become a growing problem in France and in other areas of Europe, and

The Top Ten Cities in France with 24 Hour Pharmacies

The top ten cities in France that have twenty four hour pharmacies, both over the web and in person include:

La Rochelle

And a host of other cities. Excluding Paris France, most of these cities are going to have populations ranging from 75,000 to a quarter of a million, Paris is in the millions and is the exception to the rule. The most popular pharmacies that you’ll find that are always open include those found in grocery stores and drug stores, as well as generally pharmacy outlets, big name brand chains, and pharmacies that are lesser known in the area. Mom and Pop shops are also frequently open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in an effort to drum up excess business from wandering night owls in instant need of their prescriptions. More often than not, pharmacies in the more prominent and wealthy areas of France are going to be constantly open on a 24 hour a day basis.

Why Do People Need 24 Hour Pharmacies?

People are typically going to need 24 hour pharmacies because they carry medicines and prescriptions that help to cure or alleviate the symptoms of a variety of syndromes, disorders and diseases. Among these include:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

A disorder in which the afflicted has difficulty focusing, sitting still, is frequently tired or overly energetic and just plain cannot focus. Typically treated with ADHD psychostimulant medications that are meant to calm down the user and allow them to read, focus and memorize much better. Generally speaking millions of people around the world take medications for this illness, and it is one of the most common medications that are bought at 24 hour pharmacies, both at online pharmacies and in those that are in-person in France. France, as stated in the former, is generally speaking absolutely flooded with 24 hour pharmacies that are open all the time, and can be found in almost every single major city in France, including those not listed in the previous paragraph.

Chronic Pain

Drugs for chronic pain are also very commonly frequented at most pharmacies in person and online. Most pharmacies need to carry these all the time for those patients that are suffering, that just got out of the hospital, or that just had a major surgery and are experiencing some sort of pain.


Narcolepsy is another very common illness in which the afflicted will fall asleep at random times of the day. Stimulant and wakefulness-promoting drugs are typically prescribed to the afflicted, and sometimes can overlap with the base of drugs that are given to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity patients in 24 hour pharmacies in France.

Sleeping Issues

Sleeping pills are another common drug that is prescribed in France and that users will come to pharmacies for late at night. 24 hour pharmacies are frequently needed in France for this demographic for the reason that users cannot sleep and will stroll in at late hours of the night in need of their medication.

Inability to Remember Properly

This is less frequent in France, however some older demographics will take memory prescription drugs in order to help them function during the day and at work. Some of the patients may need these immediately and are going to possibly show up at late hours of the night needing the medication.

Antibiotics for Minor Illnesses

Another frequented use of 24 hour pharmacies for customers dealing with colds and flu’s that need to recover before work the following day.

Depression and Anxiety

Typically alleviated by those medications that boost either dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin in the brain to relieve the symptoms, if someone is said or their heart is racing in fear, they are going to need their medications on a dime and as such would look to their 24 hour pharmacies in France in an effort to get their medications (dentiste garde) as rapidly as possible at all hours of the night. A very common purpose of the late night twenty-four hour pharmacies.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol if left unchecked can have dire consequences, and so patients are going to need to get this taken care of as quickly as possible, overnight pharmacies can surely help with this problem.